Business Problems and Remedies

Business Problem

Business is an organization legally recognized to provide the needs of consumers. The person who owns a business is called as business man. All the people who start a business does not shine as a successful business man. It is not that they are not capable of doing a business. The planets positions in the horoscope make a person as a successful business man. The 2nd, 10th and the 11th house, the owner of those houses and the planets occupying those houses decide the factor of a business man.

Atharva Veda describes a lot about the business. The planetary positions cannot be changed. It is called as Destiny or Karma. None can change it. But by proper Athrva Vedic yaksha Devathas rituals one can change this Karma in a smooth way. The evilness of the planets can be removed and the same evil planets will be made as the best by the Atharva Veda yaksha/ yakshini Deva thas. The worship of Atharva Veda yaksha/ yakshini devathas is called as ritual. There is a great difference between the regular prayer and rituals.

Business Problem

Generally one may show many reasons for the loss in the business or change of a business But the fundamental base is only one and that is astrology. If the planets and their positions are good, everything will go smooth but if the planets and their positions are not well the entire things will be spoiled. There are many best business man who have become the worst business man and lost everything they earned. All are not planned but when the planet’s positions change eery thing gets changed Atharva Veda is the remedy and solution for this.

Atharva Veda has powerful mantras and rituals to bring up the down fall business and it can make the worst business man as a successful business man. The rituals for the yaksha Devadhas are to be performed by learned scholars only in a divine place. The rituals are to be done as per the directions of Atharva Veda. By doing this one can become a successful business man.

Business Problem

The Atharva Veda yakshini Devadhas are to be worshipped with dedication and devotion. The first yakshini Devadha is shodashi Devi. She is called shodashi because she possesses all the sixteen supernatural powers. Shodashi who has the mantra consisting of sixteen letters, has organs glowing like a rising sun. She has four hands and three eyes. She is seated on the lotus which is placed on the body of Shiva who is lying in a peaceful posture.

She has a nose, a hook, a bow and an arrow in each of her hands. Her appearance is completely cheerful and gentle to shower blessings on her devotees. Her heart is full of compassion. A devotes who gets her refuge achieves great divinity like the deities. In fact her splenders are indescribable. Even the Vedas are incapable of describing her greatness.

Solution for Business Problem

The Next Atharva Veda yaksha Devadha is siddhidatri. She is capable of giving all sorts of occult powers. According to Atharva Veda there are eight types of these powers.Anima, Mahima, GariMa, Laghima, Prapti,Prakamya, Isitwa and Vasitwa. The number eight is given special consideration in Atharva Veda. The mother sidddhidatri is competent enough to give all siddhis to the striversand her devotees. According to Devi Purana the Lord Shiva Acquired these powers only by the grace of this goddess alone. The Lord Shiva became Ardhanariswara due to her grace. The mother siddhiri is seated on a lotus flower and her Vehicle is lion. She is four armed. She holds a chakra in her right lower hand and a mace in the upper. In the left lower hand there is a conch and in her upper left hand a lotus flower. One who performs the rituals in a manner with full faith the sadhaka acquires all siddhis. There remains nothing unattainable in the universe. By her grace only a devotee crosses the miseries and enjoying all worldly pleasures. By adopting the rituals prescribed by swamiji sri selvam siddhar through the learned pamdits in a holy place the dull business men can also become the best business men.