Children Problems and Remedies


In our human society different cultures are prevailing and they are being followed by people. Child hood and children’s welfares are cared by the parents to their utmost level. And yet there is carelessness interfere and the progress of the child is affected in many a cases.

In the early stage we can think about the want of a child. Even though the marriage is well settled and the couples are living happily, years together the pregnancy is not successful to many of the couples. Advises from Doctor and psychiatric persons are mostly followed in many of he families.

The understandings between husband and wife and the compassnate livings are the main bases taken for consideration here. The enjoyment what the couple feel in the sex life will be the main issue to be analyzed. The expectation from the both ends of female and male should reach to the level of full satisfactions to their minds. Many of the persons are weaker in sex life, only a few hold the stamina to please their spouses.

The moon and a female have a good comparison. The moon takes the time of 14days to complete the wanning period and takes another time of waxing for further 14days. So the 28days accountable to complete waxing and wanning periods. Like this a female takes to meet the monthly periodicals in 28 days. Some cases are differing like 26 days and 27 days whatever it is the periodicals occur in every month.

The 14th day is the mid day out of 28 days of period. This mid day either13th or 15th or 13th, 14th and 15th will be the blossom days suitable for pregnancy on these specific days the physic of a female gets ready to engage with mother hood. The husband and wife if happen to have the course of sex, the possibility to get a successful pregnancy.


This common matter, many of the youngsters are not acquainted with and that the frequent pregnancies are nuisance to them and spend for medical treatment to abolish the pregnancy.

To become a father or mother it is a boom granted by the God. Such a holy thing should have a proper gratitude. In the bed Room a calendar is necessary. The probable dates of pregnancy they should mark on calendar. It is their will whether they want the pregnancy or not. It they do not need it, they can avoid the course of sex in those particular days. It is accountable on the date of menses of the female.

This common massage is most necessary for the wedded couple. The husband and wife should behave suitably to accommodate each other in the behaviours of the partner. The process will give a success to gain the pregnancy. Even if the partner is little bit weaker in sex the methods of either to extend the sex relation or to shorten the sex ambitions, it is possible they can adjust in the durations of early period of marriage. These adjustments will be naturally coinciding in their long way of married life. Somehow it is a great thing to get a child at home.

After getting a child, the needs of the child mostly cared only by the mother of the child. From the breast feeding to all other care takings, the mother plays a great role with child. Up to one year the mother could not even sleep well. She will be getting weaker and weaker due to breast feedings. She should take care in her eating habits. The tablets of vitamins and minerals are to be taken properly every day. After giving a birth to a child, the Hungry will be more in her routine of life. She has to take more but essential foods in time. Fruits and vegetable should be added in her eating habits. The sex matters should have a measured way with limit. She should be very careful to avoid pregnancy during this course of ‘CHILD CARING’.

During the ninth month and tenth month, the teeth will begin to grow. The child will be showing eagerness to soft foods. On completion of the age one year the walking practice to be started, the child should be brought in a strong and sturdy way.


Besides the child caring the unity between father and mother should be built is a rigit way. If any shake enters in the married life, and then the hope to form a reputed dynasty will be alerted. Now a days, the father of the child will have to attend his job in a different place. Otherwise the mother of the child will have to leave a long distance on account of profession. Then the child will be under the care of grand ma or sister in laws. Every minute the actions of the child to be noted. All the needs from food to bath, they should have a systematic practice. Then only the child will behave properly in schools.

The human life is with full of challenges. The egoism between spouses will play the major role for separation. One should over come from all these circumstances. When one door is shut, automatically another door will be opened. Joint venture is always good. The responsibilities can be shared. The finance matters too, should have justful disbursement. An orderly life will give satisfaction in life.

Education is the costly affair now a days. To educate the child several probers arise. A cart with two bulls on road has to continue the travel. The uniformity to rule in the brain of bulls. Speeding adjustments to be raised and the journey should end in success and pence.

f the character of any one among couple rises the third person will be entering to spoil the dutiful atmosphere. In the major cases the third person will be of other sex. The truelove and the gained attachment will be in trouble. So the school joined child will also be left uncared. The quarrel will come and the approach of legal process will find a solution. That too is not guaranteed. Half the expenditure on account of education and the lively hood of child will be paid by the Husband and another half to be born by wife. It will be under the title of ridiculous affairs.

The future stands now in the infinity what will become of tomorrow? Growing child will be in dilemma to credit the parents. All selfish world surrounded around a noble child. The activities of the child too will differ and the child will posers a disliking over the parents. The child will be left in school hostel. Rarely the mother comes and rarely the father comes and they are not coming jointly. A pitiable situation will create a scene of torchering world.

The logical implementation is automatically observed by the child and the child could now believe nobody on this world including the teacher who teacher lessons to her, this teacher is also a temporarily cares for an academic year, A reuse of angry inalinds towards hatered. When it deepens further the revenge attitude develops.


The task of Bringing up a good citizen meets a challenge here and gets a Brake up. The bad incidences are seeded in the heart of child and turns the child to the contrast way of terrorism.

Here the society is losing a noble child. If the elders behave with sinciarity and nobility, the child could also behave and follow the justfulways. An educated family with moderate livings, somehow or other managed to stick to the conditions. But the society of labourer and servant’s faces still worst incidences. Their way of common living within the limitation of daily wages and salary will always leave them with insufficiency. Their children between nine years to Eleven years will be permitted to do some small jobs in grocery, Stores, and shops. The child should earn something to the family. The circumstances force the parents to send their children. In many countries the abolitions of child employment are in force. But still the people in villages and small town send the children for jobs.

There are cobblers on street and they permit their children to do the job of Boot polishing. In such a manners the vegetable sellers, field workers, and washer man are all habiting the child work. It is bad to the civilization of community No one can expect only the good companions and honest friends will join with children and keep the habit in a virtual way. The spoilers are there in all the nook and corers. The first bad habit will begin in smoking. When they reach thirteen and fourteen in age, all the intoxication habits will add little by little and spoil the child.

Why should one risk it to such an extent? The life, even though little poor, the maintenance of honesty and the behaviour of truthfulness should never be forgottow. The characters of children should mingle with brightness. Their future should be fortified with peace, happiness and comfort. The harmful habits in the sections of father and mother should have a halt. They should sacrifice their life for the welfare of children. When the old age comes there should be helping hand. Let the helping hand be ours with blood relation of son or daughter.

It is not with selfish mind once cares the children. This is the moral spread all over the world. Different religions with different morals are being followed till to this date of present civilization. During the older days when there was no electricity, the people used to light their homes by oil lamps. Assembled threads duly dipped in oil will be lighted to bring the home in brightness. The people feared for darkness. The people thought that the devil world come in night and lift the children. They believed that the devil will not take away the children if they had blood stain injuries. So the children were taken to the temples and the priest would do the ritual to make a minor injury on child. Some religions used to follow the way of boring the both ears of child. Some religions followed to cut a little on chest.


Such practices are merited till today. The Hindu Religion in India follows to bore the two years of a child and as an identify Golden studs with Gems are suitably tied up in the ears. The Muslim community makes this ritual all over and does a small cut on the penis of a male child. To celebrate this under the name “SUNNTH”. It is good faith for a good will only. Any how the longevity and good health of the child is the main expectation in these ceremonies. The fore fathers way of living is followed means the regulations and culture are honoured properly.

The children are now much cared by the recent governments. The work load at school and the health food in time are all well measured and adopted properly by the Governments.

The education system is also properly taken the constitutional way of implementations are really satisfactory. Every child should become a good citizen of Nation. Children are good assets to the nation. The children when they touch of age thirteen and fourteen they should behave with full regard and respect. India’s great poet Rabindranath Tagore says “The Boy at the age of fourteen, he is neither ornamental nor useful. It is impossible to shower affection as on little Boy”.

The age boundary fourteen is a tuff period. The character of an adult will begin to rule upon him. The behavior with females will be measurable. He has to prove his nobility. Many of the Boys are dragged to the side of affliction. They should balance their position and prove to be worthy in character.

The girls at this age will attain the maturity. They turn to the hood of female. They should also behave properly and they should put a fence towards other sex. Otherwise the abuse on her will come and she will spoken ill of the community. With all these precautions, she should keep her mind on education and should go for higher studies.

In this world of television frequency no one can keep the mind in the grade of purity. But the necessity and great hope for future will guide to come out of the complications. That strong mind is essential now. It this law is imposed rightly, then there is no failure, the life with success and prosperity. When the parents observe the progress in child, they do behave with more regard to keep their status in a most forward position.

Day to day occurrences, the news papers messages and the televisions exposures are giving good lessons for the parents. Because they are care takers of children they should aware of all kinds of hinderences, which during the growth of children.

Specifically in India, the Vedic way is followed. The “upanayana” ceremony is done and the sacred thread to Boys are given. They wear the thread upon chest and pray to the God for a good future. The days of education should be with the grace of Goddess saraswathi. The priests do the poojas in Sanskrit and give the “SARASWATHI RAKSHA” which is supporting the studies of the children. They score good marks and pass the exam easily.

The troubles, complications, and the absent minded situations are being driven away for the welfare of the family and the progresses of children the priests do the Homa practices with scholars in Sanskrit. On account of this fire sacrifice a trouble free future and a succeddful career are naturally arriving.

Child hood to boy hood to bachelor hood the children will grow with good health and live a long life on this world.

Female children also will get all the blessings of God and will be settled in a life with full of respect and regard.