Court Problems and Remedies

Atharvana Baglamuki pooja is the solution for legal law problems. Astrological Remedies to win court case and legal law problems in astrology. The applicant is a person who goes to the court of justice and files a suit. The defendant is the person against whom the proceedings are presented. To study the conditions affecting the requests of things like litigation, legal issue and action plan is more favourable, birth charts are used. Astrology prashanna is more popular in kerala. It gives valuable information that can be used to provide a comprehensive view of the case. The case can be dismissed the various elements identified and analyze astrologically.

The third house to house eight are considered to belong to the defendant and the ninth to the second chamber is said to belong to the plaintiff. The lagna is querrent and the seventh house represents the opponent. If the lagna is weakened the querrent could not win. If the lagna and seventh house are occupied by malefic, the result of the litigation will not occur. If Aries, Taurus, Leo or Sagitarius are in the fourth house querrent wins. If the moon is placed with beneficial planets in the cycle the victories querist. The graha Dhristi and Rasi Dhrsit’s should be treated the internal and external affairs of querrent. Also shatrupada (A6)Darapada (A7), shastamsa (D7) and Arudha Lagna (AL) are of particular importance for litigation. There are nearly one hundred yogas of planets with respect to litigation. They can analyze the case and reduee to the results as follows:-

  • The adversary will win.
  • There will be a compromise
  • Enmity prevail between the parties to the conflict.
  • Possibility of personal attacks and soon.

A low mercury and low moon can be a person to lose the case. So by combining all the above factors and that uniquely identifies the characters in one case with aspects of astrology. Astrological remedies determines the nature in which the case takes place. The worship of Goddess Baglamukhi is an established way to defeat an opponent and could win legal problems. Bagalamukhi vakDevi is the Goddess have the power to stop the speech of the opponents.