Mano Vashiya Asta Thik Graha Nalika Nivayana Spuda | Manovasiyam

Early Child hood and studies of Siddhar Selvam

It is more or less 40 years back when Mr.Annamalai Chettiar joined his son in the school of Sri Ramakrishna Thabovanam this school was established by the trust of Sri Ramakrishna Mission – Calcutta. Even though he was brilliant in studies, his inner heart was devoting the major times is the matters of spiritual studies. He decided himself to go deep into the studies of Astrology. To know about the future of a person’s Astrology guides a lot. Astrology tells about one’s studies, profession married life, issue of children etc. a planed life is possible when. A person knows at least some clues about the future.

Selvam siddhar is the native of village “Pallathur” near Karaikudi. During that period one saint so called as Chari was living in the town Karaikudi. Saint Chari brought by his parents according to the strict disciplinary process and morals of Hindus Religion.

He served to the people of the city by writing horoscopes of anybody who approached him. In the morning he used to collect finger prints of Thumbs of all the visitors. In the evening he will give a small note book to one and all. That note Book will be furnished with the details of name of Person, the star in which he born etc etc. particularly the solar family and the planetary positions will be so accurately explained in the Horoscope.

The ephimeries published by the standard companys will be agreeing with the details given by saint chary. He could hardly charge Rs.5/= per Horoscope. Many government officials, IAS officials and police people will be the major section of visitor.

Siddhar Selvam tried to find his own way to serve to the universal people. He heard about saint chari. He merited his achievements. Then he searched for a teacher to guide him both astrologically and spiritually. At Coimbatore in the Western Ghats, there is Mruda malai a well know worship – place for Lord Muruga. There is one cave so called as paampatti siddhar cave. The great siddhar paampatti was a real poet in Tamil. He stayed near the temple of Muruga and rendered service to the human society.

He had several deciples. They all followed his teachings and taught the meditational methods to the human society.

One deciple so called as Sinnappa was the follower of paampatti siddhar. Selvam siddhar had the opportunity to meet him at Ramanatha puram near Coimbatore. Selvam siddhar whole heartedly worshiped him and joined along with him for his spiritual course. He taught him many lessons for the maturity.

One of the lessons he granted him is precious. He took Selvam along with him and entered the big forest area of Western Ghats. Lessons went on weeks together. Selvam siddhar had to live in forest for several months. Finally due to the merit of penance he made and the blessings of Sinnappa Siddhar he became the practitioners of Mono Vashiya Astathik Graha Malika Nirayana Spuda. This subject is a tough one and precious one. Basically it is Presumption and applying the thoughts to find the location of planets on the eve of one’s birth time. The details regarding name and family of the person programmed with position of star in which the birth took place.

All these calculations come out purely by “Mano Vashiya”. That means the origion of all such details rise from the memory only. The practitioner does not know who is the visitor is going to come. The head of the practitioner will be buried in soil, and the body will be extended towards upwards. Two hands will be supporting the body to stand vertically towards sky. A slate and pencil will be there to write the information regarding the person who has come to know his details of birth.

There will be one guide close by to explain the matters what the practioner writes. It was the wonder of wonders that the person’s accurate birth time was there on slate. The date, month and the year will be matters of correctness to the cent percent. Extraordinary talent to store the actions and movements of planets will guide the practitioner to expose the demanded details in a perfect way. After a time pass one stranger came to the scene. He saw the legs of the practitioner were extended towards upward direction. The guide was sitting near the practitioner.

The practitioner started writing on the slate First live, it was consisting the name of the person and the date of birth. The stranger convinced to know the details as correct. Next the practitioner wrote the star in which the Birth took place. This was also correct according to the star of the day referred, exact Ruler of the particular date was indicated as “Jupiter”. Specifically the referred day was belonged to the sub Ruler Venus. In the Maha Dasa of Jupiter the Stanger was under the influence of sub Ruler Venus. The predication was explained as Jupiter Dasa as pathagapathi Dasa The running period of Venus Bukthi determined as supporting period to bring back the property to the possession of the Stranger who was the audience taking the notes in details from the practitioner. Till to this time referred, the stranger did not see the face of the practitioner. The head of the practitioner was covered with a small towel. The sand or soil could not easily enter the eyes. Even though the Head was buried lightly by sand, the towel protected ears, eyes and nose. The guide used to speak with louder voice whenever the stranger clarified his querries with the practitioner.

Almost their negotiations came to an end. The guide cleared the soil and sand. The practitioner was then able to see the stronger. The practitioner who did the job of foretelling the names, star and Dasa bukthi etc no one else than siddhar Selvam. The stranger looked selvam siddhar with gratitude and bowed his head before him. Selvam siddhar blessed the new person and waved his hands with happiness.

Parents will have their own dreams about their children. Mr.Annamalai chettiar, the father of Selvam Siddhar was then an automobile dealer at Namakkal. He desired his son selvam to become a scholar in the university.

The matters regarding the involvement of son selvam in the spiritual life did not agreeable to him. He wanted to educate him in Annamalai University Chidambaram. Selvam being a deciplined student of Ramakrishna Thabovana, agreed to the views of father. He did his at Annamalai University. Yet his eagerness to yoga class and meditation paved proper way to study the chadur vedhas through scholars at Nepal. The sufferings of human society and the struggle for lively hood he witnessed everywhere. He wanted to help the needy people in time. He took special interest in Atharwa Vedha. The Maha Bharatha Battle showed many clues to him. The proper usage of Atharva Vedha can relieve any kind of trouble and assure a comfort to the sufferer.

Having the back ground of Annamalai University, his knowledge in English developed a lot and he had several friends all over the universe. His father Annamalai chettiar was by distant relative to Mr.Sivanadiyan chettiar of Coimbatore. Mr.Sivanadiyan chettiar was a leading Banker and paper Merchant at Coimbatore. It was the will of elders; they met with an alliance to give the daughter of Mr. Sivanadiyan chettiar Miss Parvathi in a marriage to Mr.Selvam

The family life went on well at coimbatore. The couple had two children. The elder one is a boy nemed Ashok who born during 1990 and the younger one is a girl who born during 1996.

Considerably the touch in Vedic Science grow step by step and made a familiarity in the subjects of Astrology, Vasthu, and Numerology. His talents in conducting yagna and Homa (fire sacrifice) spread all over the world. His attempts to build Hindu Temple at USA was a remarkable one. The statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses were very properly designed by the traditional sculptures. All the statues were arranged for shipping at Chennai. All the glorious functions of opening ceremonies were orderly celebrated at USA Millions and Millions of dollars were spent to establish SHIVA Temple. At Texas Shiva Vishnu temple was also established. It is the aim of selvam siddhar to build an “AKASHA LINGA” Temple in a grand scale.

Challenges are common to everyone. He is not feared. His achievements will explain his ability. His concentration in attempts are the elements back boned with divinely supports.